‘When you Look Around’

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It’s such an unusual and amazing feeling to live near seaside. Every day I come back home a new one. I’s soo unusual after thrill and excitement of a big city with millions of people around! In Moscow people are always in a rush. You get used to it and quickly get part of this fuss. And here in Dublin I’m still in a hurry. Still in a Moscow pace. Instead of enjoying a nice walk to the station along the seaside, I’m rushing swiftly to catch a train. And the same to the uni. And only in the evening when I get off the train, I just walk hearing the sea. And it’s amazing. At the weekend I sometimes go for a walk to the beach and stay there for a while. I love catching beautiful moments and watch what’s going on around. Really, it’s such a fun sometimes, soo nice and just Lovely. Just look around and you wanna see so many wonderful things!

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